Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/15 - a whole new world (cue Aladdin)

300m run
In pairs
300m run
60 air squats
60 push-ups
60 power cleans (20kg bar)
60 burpees
300m run

Partnered up with Stimo and had a good go through this one.  When we finished the last 300m run Coach Match (at his desk) made a comment that it sounded like we’d just finished a WOD – it felt like it too.  We did the runs together then broke down each movement into alternating sets of 10.  None of it was too difficult which meant a solid, steady pace making it feel way more intense than a warmup.  Can I say I actually didn’t mind the burpees.  They felt a bit easier today (I know, I never thought I’d say that either!).

5-5-5 Deadlift  Strict Press


My back is still hurting from the heavy deadlifts a few weeks back (and especially after sitting all weekend) so I did strict presses instead.  Coach Tim had mentioned that the sets of 5 deadlifts should be at about 75% of your 1RM so I used the same formula – I did however need to get out a calculator (thanks iphone) to figure it out – so 1RM is 35kg * .75 = 26kg which is an odd number to load onto the bar so I just went with 28kg and it was good.  The last rep on the two rounds I did it was a struggle but not impossible.  Pretty solid effort and another blank spot filled in on the PR board.

3 rounds
10 squat cleans to thruster (30/50kg)
5 hang cleans
300m run

10:51 Rx.5

This was a good WOD but also something I struggled with.  I won’t go into great detail about my weekend but I did the Landmark Forum and although very resistant and skeptical going into it on Friday I managed to get a lot out of it.  The biggest being letting go of a big part of my past – or rather a small moment that has had a huge impact on me for the past 30ish years.  Anyway, like I said, not going to get into it much BUT… but… it lifted this huge weight off of me over the weekend, I have just felt lighter throughout my entire being and it’s been fantastic.  I noticed this a lot in the WOD – that’s the point of this.  There was just more space to fill which I noticed most in my breathing – my heartrate was racing – moreso than it would have been had I done this WOD last week – there was just more space within me for my breath to go, into places it’s never been before and it was amazing and exhausting. 

My head was also trying to play games with me but I was fighting back and perhaps that’s also a part of why it was much more exhausting than it had ever been.  On the run I was already thinking about how horrible the thrusters would be and while doing the thrusters I was on to thinking about the cleans and every time these thoughts entered into my consciousness I fought back against them – why should I be thinking of the thrusters when I was running – just run, focus on the run, that moment, each step.  Then on the thrusters, same thing – just think about this one rep, this moment and not something that is going to happen later.  So yes, it was a pretty epic WOD, so simple on paper and yet such a change from within me.

Can I also mention how doing strength of strict presses made the thrusters a little bit more challenging?  I still managed to do at least 3 reps at a time though would always rest after 9 reps knowing that the last rep was going to go into unbroken hang cleans (which I did managed every time).  It was good overall and I actually kind of liked the new focus, the new me.

Had some great conversations after class as well – some with people I’ve talked to plenty of times but never had that depth of conversation and some with people I’ve never truly had a conversation with beyond the hey how’s it going level so that was also very cool. 


Oh the mobility… I spent at least 20 or so minutes after class on just my glutes – they are super tight and pulling on everything (I think this is the issue with my back).  This was on top of the 10 or so minutes before class that I did the same.  The more I mobilize the more I find more spots I need to mobilize – an endless cycle but there are worse things in life.  I’m going for physio/ needling on my back tomorrow again, I think I need it – it seems fine and then I move a certain way and it sends this agonizing pain through my body so pretty sure something isn’t right.

Still going.  Made my awesome pulled pork again for this week as it’s so easy – throw a pork shoulder in the slow cooker and cook over night.  In the morning – take it out when it’s still hot and shred it with two forks.  Done.  I also make a quick and easy (and at midnight this week) paleo BBQ sauce.  I don’t really measure anything when I cook but I will outline the basic premise which you can modify to your liking if you choose.

Paleo BBQ Sauce
Tomato Paste
Apple Cider Vinegar
Date Paste
Spices of your choosing (salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili, paprika, etc.)

I always start with a base of tomato paste (check the label that it’s WLC compliant, there are some that are solely tomatoes) – empty jar into a pot and warm on the stove.  I then add vinegar – usually about ¼ cup or so for one large jar of tomato paste but again I just free pour – mix and taste – repeat.  It’s an easily adjustable recipe.  In the past I have made this recipe with honey but since the WLC started I’ve used date paste for anything that requires a bit of sweetness – the best thing I’ve done is have a container of this in my freezer to just scoop from as needed – so easy.  Again, I just added – probably 2 tablespoons or so to give it a bit more depth of that sweet/ sour.  Then it’s all up to you.  Since it was midnight that I was making this I just added some salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika (for that smoky spiciness) and mixed and tasted and adjusted as needed.  If I had more time/ wasn’t so lazy then I would have used fresh garlic and some diced onion but the recipe is flexible.  As I was adding ingredients, adjusting flavors, etc. the sauce was heating up and I let it simmer for a bit before taking it off the heat.  In this case I put it in the fridge but it’s just a matter of mixing it with the shredded pork and eating.  So tasty and this time I made extra sauce for Angie as she loved it last time.  Don’t be worried about measuring, trust your tastebuds.

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