Monday, October 8, 2012

10/5 - 10/7- PINK DAY WOD...

Recap of a fun weekend… slept a lot but am still exhausted. But fun.  But exhausting.  But definitely more fun.

Let’s go back to Friday.  I snuck off for an extra long lunch break to scoot over to Subi and get some work done on my back.  Although I woke up with it feeling less achy than I had suspected it might be it was still really tight and I didn’t want the pain to linger.  I got some extremely painfully good massage (um, hello hamstrings) and then some needles in the extra tender points on my back.  Good thing (I guess) is that she said it was mostly just my lower back that I pulled.  I felt okay, a little worked over (obviously) and confident about Saturday morning though I picked up some rock tape just to be safe.

Saturday morning I arrived at the (not so early) time of 10:15am at The Cell for the Pink Day WOD.  The pink started coming through the door on everyone and everything.  It was an awesome sight to see.

Funny – if not totally awkward story - I asked Jane to help tape my back as I’m (kinda) flexible but not that much… anyway, she suggested I get Coach Adrian to do it as he’d just come back from the taping course (or something like that) and so she introduced me to him and he started the tape job.  No biggie right?  Well it wasn’t until it was time to start taping – now if you’ve never taped a back then you’ll need to know that you apply the tape without stretching to the person who is bent over at the waist.   He applied the tape on my back and then worked his way down and suddenly I hear ‘I’ll need to pull your shorts down’ um… okay? Was there really any other response?  In all actuality it was quite funny and I honestly didn’t care so much – not saying I’m an exhibitionist in any way whatsoever but really, it wasn’t a big deal, I wasn’t flashing everyone just one person.  Awkward laughs, and it was done.  There may have been a point somewhere in my past where I really cared but I’m over it apparently.

So… everyone is getting into the pink fun and Jane and I are set to go just waiting around for warm-up and WOD briefing.  I am so glad we were set to go first.  The WOD had been posted the night before and looked hard but also fun and then they went and snuck in walking overhead lunges (the worst!).  We hear the briefing, went for a bit of a run and a little bit of warm-up, gathered our equipment and were ready to go.

Pink and Ready to WOD
4 x 50m sandbag run (25/17.5kg)
100 American KB Swings (24/16kg)
4 x 25m overhead walking lunges (20/15kg)
50 push-ups
50 burpee box jumpes (21” tire)
50 push-ups
4 x 25m overhead walking lunges (20/15kg)
100 American KB Swings (24/16kg)
4 x 50m sandbag run (25/17.5kg)
22:13 Rx

First, some bullet points
-it was AWESOME to be partnered with Jane (again) for this workout
-22 minutes felt a lot more like 44
-there was A LOT of pink
-it was hot
-it was fun
-slow and steady works well
-burpees still suck

I loved being partnered with Jane on this.  Although we go into the WOD having an outline of a game plan we’re also able to easily and seamlessly adjust on the fly which works really well for us.  Also, neither of us are super fast we’re just steady throughout which really works for us.  We don’t start out in the lead (nor do we stress about it) but at the end we’re there just because we have a constant speed when others start to drag.

We each did 100m to start – Jane first then myself.  We decided that whoever was finishing a movement would go second on the next movement which meant that Jane was set to pick up the KB as I was finishing the carry.  She did 35 reps to start before we switched over and therefore I knew I had to do 35 as well to match it.  I’m happy it was only a 16kg KB.  She finished off the last 30 reps and I started on the OH lunges which were horrid (as usual).  I try to keep my arms locked out which is a killer on my shoulders.  Also, we were doing this outside and the asphalt was killer on my knees, some of the reps I merely skimmed the ground as it hurt.  Also, 25m is a long way.  We switched out at each end allowing our arms a little break (there was a 10 airsquat penalty if you dropped the plate below your shoulders).  We were mid pack by the time we finished the lunges.

As Jane was nearing the end of the last 25m I got into the box and dropped to the floor ready for some push-ups.  I planned to go with a bit of a wider hand position which was easier on my shoulders and it worked quite well.  Somehow I can now do Rx push-ups fairly well (though never in warm-up, that just seems way too hard).  Anyway, I started and Jane wasn’t yet beside me as I got to 10 reps (that was the plan, alternate every 10) so I kept going.  I think I did 15 reps to start and then we alternated from there out.  I finished them off and Jane was set to get into the burpee box (tire) jumps.  As she got into it I heard her say sets of 5 which was more than good for me.  After both the push-ups and lunges they were quite hard (thankfully there were only 50).  We just alternated back and forth until near then end where Jane pulled out a set of 10 and as it worked out she finished the set off.  And we were back in reverse order to the rest.

I should note that we made up a ton of time on the push-up/burpee/push-up sequence.  We actually surged ahead at this point.  I noticed that towards the end of our burpee box jumps that most people around us were doing step-ups while we were still jumping – I think a benefit of our steady pace – kinda like the tortoise.  Heh.

Push-ups - Photo from The Cells FB page

We blasted through the second round of push-ups I started with 15 again and then we alternated sets of 10 until the last 15 where Jane got out 7 and I needed to do 8 to finish.  Suddenly we were back on the lunges.  This is where I faltered a bit.  Jane did the first 25m and then we switched off.  Once again I was focused on keeping my arms locked out and this was a killer on my shoulders especially after so many push-ups.  Halfway through the 25m I couldn’t help but put the weight down and got right into the 10 airsquats.  Bad idea!  They hurt more than having the plate over my head, I wasn’t going to do that again.  After Jane rocked out her second 25m I was back at it and determined to not drop the plate – I managed to do this by NOT locking out my arms – I know it doesn’t make sense but at that point my biceps were stronger than my shoulders so this got me half way back and then I locked it out and managed to avoid more squats.

We started the KB swings with 25 each though by the end of my 25 I was hurting, a lot.  I convinced Jane in my – come on, do a few more and my I’ve got nothing left voices to do a few more reps.  As the rockstar that she is she got 30 done which left only 20 for me (thankfully as it was all I had left).  100m sandbag carry each and we were done.  We started out the lunges in first or second I think and finished them clearly in second behind a male/female pair.  We finished solidly in second overall in our heat though I have no idea how that compared to the next heat.  It was just a fundraiser WOD and no scores were kept so all in all it’s pretty irrelevant but still feels good to finish so strongly.  Like I said upfront – we work really well together and adjust really well on the fly without much conversation required which is amazing.  I’d partner with Jane anytime - thanks girl!

Thanks to Laila for the support - having someone yelling your name really helps especially in the middle of burpees, it's enoguh to keep you going and thanks to Kayla for letting me know that the lunges hurt her too, I guess it's a little better knowing I'm not alone.  

I got home, showered, ate and headed to a friend’s place to do my taxes (exciting I know).  Managed to stay awake through the entirety of ‘The Dictator’ (funny!) though falling asleep on his couch was quite tempting.  I was in bed at a fairly reasonable hour and slept quite well all night (finally) though when I rolled over on Sunday morning my butt hurt something fierce – those lunges definitely got me.  Sunday was a rest day – I was supposed to go swimming but knew that my shoulders weren’t going to make it.  I did a bunch of walking around and cooking for the week (ginger beef and broccoli, ‘spaghetti’ sauce, breakfast egg muffins).  It’s another short week as I’m at a conference on Friday – Sunday so lots to do but should be good.  I can’t believe though that October is already in full swing and I know if I blink it’ll soon be over.  Crazy!

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