Monday, December 3, 2012

11/27 – 11/29 - Sunrise Dam WODs

Quick update (with photos) from my trip to site last week… 


Flew to site extremely early Tuesday morning and upon arrival/searching for the details on their gym/ getting coffee I spotted this:


Click 'Read More' for more photos and words...

I was extremely curious and interested and eager to make it in time but knew that it’d be unlikely as we work until 6pm then have to catch the bus back to camp (7km) away and still check in.  I did however conveniently get a room close to the gym and managed to give it a quick look before dinner that night.  I also saw the ‘crossfit’ class and well, it was more like personal training and there was only 1 guy giving it a go while being led by an instructor.  He seemed lonely but I had a dinner date(s) and couldn’t (and didn’t want to) join in. 

Besides, Cam had given me a nice little WOD to do that night already…

As mentioned, it was a quick rush for dinner (ends at 7:30) so this WOD came after.  Never a good idea… I did it then spent about 15 more minutes laying on the floor trying not to vomit.  I kinda blame Cam though – or perhaps my ego… probably a lot of both.  Heh.

Managed 7/13 rounds

This is my ‘I don't feel good’ face – also as noted by Nick – the décor is outstanding… check out those curtains.


Another full on (and stormy) day on Wednesday but I had plans – no more WODing after dinner – I figured I could sneak a quick one in and shower before meeting the crew for dinner.  It also helped that they let me grab the first trip back to camp in the truck (buses were in Laverton rescuing those from the flights that couldn’t get back to Perth – yup, stormy).

I had brought my skipping rope with me so figured ‘Annie’ would be a good one to tackle.  I had no expectations and only the tennis court to do this on (not recommended).  I also couldn’t barely breathe as I’d woken up with a sinus infection (why does this happen every time I visit site for work?)

Double unders
7:01 PR!

I tripped only once on the DU’s around 23 reps into the round of 40 and that was it.  The sit-ups were steady though painful and when I’d finished I couldn’t even remember my last time when I gave this a go (back in May – the day I lost my job… remember ab-mat Annie Tim?) – anyway, I was 30 seconds faster this time.  Awesome!


There were two WODs today – well, perhaps only one actual WOD and a little bit of crossfit with some gold bars – a one arm press and a clean and jerk – with two $620,000, 12 kg gold weights.  Yes, highlight of my life… definitely in the top 10.  Match – I think Cooee might need some new weights…  haha!
One arm snatch

Had to clean, then press these... felt AWESOME!

Another WOD planned before dinner.  I was feeling pretty weary – something about 4:45am wake up times and being sick so I called in the reinforcements and had Cam send me another WOD so that I would actually do it – by the end of the day I probably would have hit the bar with the others and not the ‘gym’ without this WOD…  turns out it was a Southern Crossfit WOD too… I didn’t find this out until Friday though (but still, I feel dirty! Mean Cam, mean). 

The other upside to getting another WOD in was that I’d been talking up Crossfit to my colleague Jonathan for a while now and since he was at site with me and it was our last night there he couldn’t help but be convinced.  I didn’t tell him what the WOD was until we started warming up but I did laugh at him earlier in the afternoon when he had thoughts of a 6km run after the WOD.

I did 161 squats and Jonathan did somewhere in the 140’s… very respectable.  I had to deny how wobbly my legs felt though as his seemed to be just fine.  I saw him this morning and he told me that he was hating me all weekend for how trashed his legs felt – it caught him… ha!  Shows just how effective a 10 minute WOD actually can be.

Not sure if he’s happy to be alive or just grimacing on the inside.

Got back on Friday with awesome plans to meet up with Angie – we WODed at Foam and by WODed I actually meant this…

Cam swung over (any excuse for escaping work and another coffee?), Nat walked by and stopped for a chat and just as we texted Tim (and Vini), he and Jack showed up… it’s a happy little place.  There may have also been dessert afterward…

I also spent some time there yesterday hanging out with these kids… and now it’s time for some bananas and mango… ha!

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