Friday, December 28, 2012

12/27 - 8, 10, 12, 14, 16...

Was hot today (again) and the 9:30am WOD wasn't the best idea and yet I was there and ready for it.

Front squat 3rm

Was definitely happy with this one as my previous one rep max was 65kg and though the 60kg felt tough I wanted to give the 65kg a go just to see if I could... Tim was watching me do this and thinks I have more than that.  Awesome.
5 rounds
8 Pull ups
10 HR Pushups
12 Burpees
14 Jump Squats
16 Abmat Situps
14:12 Rx 

Was quite happy to have finished this one as the heat was really getting to me.  I laid on the floor for about 30 minutes afterward and felt like I was hungover.  It wasn't good.

When we were about to start I heard Kayla say - at least do the first 8 (pull-ups) unbroken and I said I can barely do 3 though it turned out she was talking to Chriselle who was beside me on the bar - turns out I can do 8 and having Chriselle beside me really helped me go for it.  Eight unbroken pull-ups, my kip was solid and it definitely helped that my hands weren't hurting.

This WOD was all about moving from each movement to the next.  There really wasn't much time to take breathers and make it before the cut-off.

After the first round the pull-ups were all done as 4-2-2 and then push-ups were at most in two solid sets - usually 6 or 7 then the rest.

On the burpees I had to play mental games with myself telling myself to just do 6 and then at six saying just 3 more.  I did all rounds unbroken but had to definitely talk my way through it.

The jump squats I did a few rounds unbroken and other times stopped briefly just to shake out my legs and keep going.  I almost found stopping harder.  The sit-ups were good, just a steady pace through out before getting back up to the bar.

Definitely a tough one, had to work for it but glad I made it.  Most definitely happy with my pull-ups.

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