Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/10 - WOD that almost broke me…

It was hot and humid in Perth last night and as soon as I looked at the board I knew it was going to be a tough WOD.  I really didn’t need the strength portion of the class and didn’t really find the motivation to push myself too much.

Front squats

There was a large class tonight (as is typical of Monday evenings) and we were to use the racks however there are only 4.  Kayla and I both (independently) did the squats from the ground on the other side of the room.  We probably should have paired up which might have pushed us both a bit more – I needed it at least.  Helps being able to clean a heavy amount in situations like this. 

As I mentioned above, I would have preferred to just WOD – to not have such a short (and mostly unachievable) cut-off time and to just force us through it.  I think overall I would have built up more mental strength – as it was it nearly broke me so had it continued it just well might have…

15 minute cut-off
Cleans (40/60kg)
Front squats
15:36 Rx.5 (had 6 squats/12 burpees and entire final round of 6 remaining – 36 reps)

The first round I did sets of 6 cleans though rested before the final one each time so I could then clean and go right into the squats.  It’s probably not hard to realize that the squats were horrible.  I struggled with 45kg in sets of 8 before the WOD so 40kg in the WOD hurt.  I really only managed sets of 3 and 4 throughout which really slowed me down but for some reason my legs just weren’t cooperating.  I loved the burpees.  LOVED.  I actually looked forward to them each round and was sad when they were over.  If this could have been a 15 minute amrap of burpees I might have been ok.  Seriously.  The weight felt twice as heavy tonight.  Might have been the heat.  No idea but I have to get used to it again.  Summer is upon us and 30+ degree days are going to become the norm.  Hopefully the humidity goes away soon though. 

This WOD nearly broke me.  There were many times throughout that I really wanted to quit.  Did not want to pick up the bar again.  Stared at it with meanacing thoughts.  But every time I picked it up again, even with 10 seconds to go I got in another two squats.  I definitely think being forced to finish this out (without a cut-off) would have been a real struggle (I would have though) and would have built up more of my mental capacity to keep on pushing even through the suck.  After the WOD was over I wanted to die.  Perhaps not quite die but vomit at least.  I hurt. 

Regarding the cut-off…  I think that sometimes it’s a bit of a cop-out and I hate that we so often have them especially on heavy weight days. It’s a function of 45 minute classes I guess but maybe on days like this there isn’t a need for a strength portion especially when the weight for the strength (sets of 8!) are so similar to the weights in the WOD (sets of 12).  It’d be nice to have to push through a hard/ heavy WOD without thinking about scaling the weight to meet the cut-off or not completing all the work because of going heavier – seems both options are lacking.   I’m not a coach though so this is just my opinion on things.  Last night though everything just seemed too rushed with the number of people and the amount of work to be completed.  

Because Friday Funnies have been lacking...

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