Friday, December 14, 2012

12/13 - 2011 CF Open WOD #3

Today was all about clean and jerks and I was excited.  A little terrified of the Rx weight for the WOD but definitely liked the lifting part.

Since the WOD was only 5 minutes we spent a lot of time working through the movement and then loading up to our 1RM (or heavy).  My C&J 1RM on the board was 57.5 kg which I set not too long ago but both my squat clean and jerk on the board were at 60kg.  I’d done both movements at 60kg but never together and while I really wanted to PR my C&J I wasn’t sure I had it in me given the week I was having.

My week has felt slow and heavy and exhausting.  I’ve felt tired and everything seems to take more out of me than it should (or so it seems).  It’s a combination I think of hotter weather, lack of sleep and being busy.  I did however take the day off of work (love sick days) and slept for an additional 6 hours through the morning so there was definitely something to be said for how tired my body was.  As an aside, I need to cut back on my coffee consumption (limit of 1 per day or less?) – perhaps another self imposed period of zero coffee is in order, no idea but something has to give. 

1RM Clean and Jerk 
60kg PR 

Back to the C&J’s.  After warming up with the bar (20kg), I added green plates (10kg).  Coach Tim gave me a bit of a ‘aren’t you cocky’ smirk when he saw my starting weight.  Heh.  I did 3 or 4 reps at 40kg then jumped to 50kg since 40kg was pretty easy.  I again did a few reps at 50kg then jumped to 55kg.  Coach Tim saw a rep at 55kg and noted how easy it seemed and it did.  I figured at that point that I’d get 60kg no problem.  A couple reps at 57.5kg and then 60kg was staring me down.  Coach Tim (knowing it was PR weight) came to watch and I pretty much half-assed my first attempt.  Not intentionally by any means but I was already thinking about the jerk portion of the movement as I was doing the squat clean – never a good idea.  I didn’t get too far under the bar before I dumped it forward, landed on my ass and laughed.   

Nowhere in that attempt did I ever commit to just going for it (which is why I was laughing at myself).  You can’t be afraid of a weight and expect to get it over your head – we all know that.  Anyway, not long after I went for it again and got it.  The squat clean was the limiting factor in the lift, the jerk was pretty straight forward.  Need more squats!

 I dropped the bar, did a (hugely) happy dance and rang the bell.  Completely satisfied with the PR.  I mentioned to Tim that it didn’t matter how the actual WOD went as I was happy with the (slightly unexpected) PR.  

CrossFit Games 2011 WOD # 3
 5 min AMRAP
1 x squat clean – 1 point
1 x jerk (50/75kg) – 1 point 
28 Rx 

I managed 14 reps of C&J at 50kg.  Given that it was only about 6 weeks ago that I managed to Rx ‘Grace’ (30 C&J’s at 45kg) I was very happy.  It was hard.  Not the jerks but the squat cleans.  I probably could have scored higher on this if we were able to just power clean and jerk.  Definitely see (a lot of) squats in my future.  That being said, I’m also quite ecstatic that I could even Rx this weight as it wasn’t long ago that I couldn’t.  I’m seeing amazing progress in everyone around me as well – we’re all pushing each other to get better and it’s amazing.

My body – now that it’s working it’s way back up on sleep, needs a few days of rest. Definitely nothing planned for today (Friday) and Saturday though Sunday might prove differently.  I’m hoping the boys might be up for a Sunday morning Albert Street WOD for old time sake but I’m still waiting to hear back from Vini on that one.

Must also give a HUGE shout out to Paul (I know he reads this now too!) – he got his first (strict even) muscle up tonight.  I was mid-C&J’s but heard the excitement in the room.  Nicely done!  I did fundamentals with him and it’s been amazing to see how far he’s come (as have we all).  Awesome!

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