Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/3 - The day of the PR’s...

Yesterday was a kick ass day at the box.  I think there is something to be said about taking a week off from heavy weights and going easy.  It really was a deload week for me at site last week and it paid off.

My hands were still wrecked (even more so) from Sunday.  I tried to out the whole – leave the skin on and let it heal that way and it had the opposite effect that I was going for – they actually got worse and a little goopy so… I was dealing with that.  Yes, the attractive life of a crossfitter.  Anyway, I wasn’t sure how I’d go if the WOD called for pull-ups or any bar stuff for that matter – I was actually hoping for more body weight and/or cardio based WOD (box jumps maybe?)… well, I got my wish though I had also just done her.  ‘Annie’ was on the board – along with some squat cleans. 

1 RM squat clean

This was fun.  It was only a few weeks ago that I matched my previous squat clean PR when I was doing some clean and jerks and going into this I was looking for 60 all the way.  Coach Tim came by a few times, I think he saw me lift 50kg (with poor form) and noted that it still looked easy even though I didn’t explode well enough and thus compensated with wider legs in my squat (which I realized as well when I did it), I also didn’t get my elbows high which definitely helped when I did focus on it at the heavier weights.  At one point too I hit myself in the chin with the bar because I was thinking it was heavier than it turned out to be.  Love improvement.

I snuck in one last lift just as everyone was clearing away weights – and hit 60kg which I was so stoked about.   Coach Match was a few steps away watching me and I could feel his encouragement as I also got Kayla’s verbally telling me I could do it.  I love the atmosphere of lifting heavy surrounded by inspiring and encouraging people.

One note that I want to mention here – as Coach Tim also brought it up last night… when someone is going for a heavy lift – don’t distract them by walking right in front of them or what-not, let them focus and then once they’ve done the lift go about your business.   

6:23 (PR)

I did ‘Annie’ last Wednesday on site – alone, on a tennis court, without an ab-mat.  I took 30 seconds off my time then and wasn’t sure I could do it again so soon but…  there was something extremely different about doing the same WOD in a group of people who were also pushing hard.  Namely Kayla who I was near.  She (once again) pushed me to up my game (indirectly).  Just seeing her going for it pushed me even harder to try and keep up.  I took 40 seconds off of my time (and she still kicked my butt by 30 seconds that girl)… love working out with you Kayla, always.  The encouragement and your strength inspire me always.

I only tripped up once on the double unders (with 3 reps remaining in the round of 30) as I got distracted by something and lost my concentration (I know better).   The sit-ups were surprisingly (a little) easier with the ab-mat.  I think because it spread out the pain over a larger  range of muscles than without it.  Paying the price today though, laughing hurts.  Sitting hurts.  Breathing… well, it only kinda hurts.  Ha.

It was an awesome day though – I loved it.  Feeling strong and excited to see how much I can up my snatch by tonight (as apparently facebook is telling me that’s what we’re doing). 

Shoulder Stuff
Had a good chat with Coach Match as well after class about what to do about my shoulder… seeking a bit of advice in a way but also just talking through it from my perspective.  My physio while good at alleviating the issue with my shoulder isn’t someone I trust for advice on how to fix the problem (I miss you Sommer!) so that’s where I was coming from.  My problem isn’t so much a lack of strength but is more a result of me lifting heavier and more often and not getting as much rest as I did when I first started out. 

There were two things that came out of our discussion...  first, I need to listen more closely to my body before I start hurting.  There were clear signs this time that I should have pulled back but I wanted to do certain workouts and therefore didn’t hold back… I did an insane number of hspu’s over the course of a few days and also did ‘Grace’ twice in the same period.   It was a lot of reps on movements that do strain my shoulders and instead of pulling back I pushed it and then had to modify/ scale WODs for several weeks.  Next time (as I’m sure this will happen again as it’s a chronic injury) I need to pull back/scale/modify before I hurt and manage my shoulder from that perspective instead (yes Cam, I can still see you nodding)...

Secondly, I need to mobilize more rather than trying to strengthen opposing muscles.  If I can release the tightness in my pecs and chest (and all those other muscles that I can’t name in the front of my body) then as a result my shoulders should then naturally pull back into the position that they should ultimately be in – a neutral/ relaxed state (rather than rolled forward – thanks for pointing that out Vini).  It’s going to take a lot of focus and dedication on my part to not just mobilize but to do it often, several times a day and really get into things.  I probably will need (a lot) of accountability here (I suck at this part).  So that’s the plan.  Lots of mobilization (on my chest specifically) and listening to my body and backing off when it needs it – I recognize it but mentally need to be strong enough to listen to it.

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