Sunday, December 23, 2012

12/22 - 12 Days of Cooee Christmas

Cooee Christmas WOD

On the 12th Day of Christmas Cooee CrossFit brought to me… (drawn out of the hat)
One weighted lunge (plate)
Two toes to bar
Three cockroaches (each side)
Four KB swings
Five burpees
Six tire jumps (with run to tires at back fence)
Seven squat jumps
Eight push-ups
Nine sit-ups
Ten cockroaches (each side)
Eleven chest to overhead (plate)
Twelve weighted get-ups
… work your way through, just like the song “On The 12th Day of Christmas”

This was a fun WOD.  I'm not sure how many people were there but it was definitely a full house.  A full costumed house.  It was a dress-up WOD and a fun workout with everyone followed up with a paleo potluck down at the beach.

It was also a friends and family WOD... Cam came along and I think he had fun as well (I mean it's not Southern but still...)

Here's proof of his sweatiness (only one tiny dry spot left on his shirt)...

Ok, perhaps I look more tired than him...

Group Shot - Source

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