Friday, December 21, 2012

12/20 - 'Angie'

Met ‘Angie’ last night…

WOD “Angie”
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats
Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next
27:15 Rx

Holy crap this was hard. But it’s my own fault.  Let’s back up a few steps.

I requested a chipper from Coach Match on Monday.  Chippers tend to usually get programmed on Friday’s (occasionally Thursdays) but I since I WOD in the evenings (no evening classes on Friday) I tend to miss most of them it seems.  So I requested one.  They are my fave structure even though they usually hurt real bad (aka ‘Angie’).  So, my wish came true, a chipper.  I can only blame myself.

Regarding ‘Angie’… Cam did this WOD a few weeks ago at Southern and it just sounded like something I wanted to try and do as well.  I mentioned it to Tim and said that perhaps we should do it as a pairs workout over the holidays – we both do the full reps but one person works while the other rests (basically because there is only one pull-up rig at the Albert Street Gym).  After last night I no longer feel the need to do this.  But again, I asked for it. 

Let’s recap here:

The Good:
-I Rx-ed the WOD, woo-hoo
-I didn’t tear my hands, woo-hoo
-I didn’t cry or vomit, woo-hoo

The Bad:
-Every single part of my hurts today, ouch

Guess the good far outweighs the bad though my abs really want to argue that point.

The pull-ups… my hands were double taped, or well, taped and then covered – I used my tape straps and then over that had my JAW pull-up grips. This definitely saved my hands from tearing even though they were still quite sore from a week spent hanging off the bars.  At times it felt like I was slipping a bit and so I took the JAW grips off but that made no difference and actually put them back on to make it hurt a little less.  I did bounce around the bars a bit mostly because of the different sizes.  In the second half I also did a bunch with a mixed grip (one hand forward, one backward) which helped me to feel a bit stronger and to get more done.  I started off with sets of 5 but was quite quickly down to ones and twos.  Made it through 100 though.  It took me 12 minutes for the pull-ups.  Not a great time but did it.

The push-ups also sucked.  I did a few sets of 10 then was doing sets of five and then three’s and twos.  I just focused on keeping rest to a minimum and keeping my core tight on the push back up part to keep from caterpillaring (I don’t want to use that other word).  I finished the push-ups right at 19 minutes, so 7 minutes to complete the 100.

The sit-ups were just about focusing and moving.  I did the first 50 then stopped to rest and then I did 10’s the rest of the way with minimal rest.  My abs though were/ are screaming.

The squats after the rest of the work that had been completed weren’t too bad.  I did 20 to start then sets of 10 the rest of the way.  I made sure to focus on depth especially as I got tired (for Kayla!) and afterward asked Coach Tim how they looked especially near the end when he was watching me and he said that my hip was well below my knees.  Yay for improvement.  Glad I did this WOD, happy to get through it relatively unscathed (hello abs, no tears), and to do it all Rx-ed was even better.

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