Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/17 - Light 'Elizabeth'

Was really happy to get to the box tonight. I think 3 straight days of not working out is too much for me.  It’s good for my body for sure but my mental state definitely suffers. 

Saw a lighter version of Elizabeth on the board when I walked in and knew it was going to hurt.  That 21-15-9 rep scheme always does.

Light 'Elizabeth'
Squat cleans (30/45kg)
Ring dips pull-ups
9:21 Rx

I didn’t do the ring dips.  They are really bad for my shoulder.  I’m not sure how I’ll ever get a muscle-up (still working on that one) but one day!!!

But back to the WOD.  It was tough.  Tim was near-by and on the rings beside me and was pushing me.  I was the first one in the room (I think) to get finished the squat cleans.  I did three sets of 7 to push through them and then worked away at the pull-ups as best I could. I wanted to do sets of 5 but don’t think I ever really got there – forgot  the grips on my hands which wasn’t the best idea.  The second set of squat cleans hurt even more (I’m really struggling with squats lately, don’t know why).  I had a plan though and went 6-5-4 to push through them.  I was still slightly ahead of Tim at this point (he was doing 60kg squat cleans) and kept at it.  Once again the pull-ups slowed me down.  The last set of squat cleans were 3-3-3 (though I’d wanted 5-4) and then the pull-ups were in 2’s and 1’s.  Hands.  Ouch.

This hurt more than ‘Fran’ and I don’t know why.  I can’t even contemplate doing ‘Fran’ two minutes faster than this but I have and it amazes me right now.  Perhaps it was that the bar doesn’t have to touch the ground in ‘Fran’ and therefore there is less time spent resting (because resting in the rack position isn’t really rest).  Perhaps it is the hotter weather.  Perhaps I’m just (still) tired.  Who knows but I’m interested to do ‘Fran’ again just to see if I can in fact do her faster.

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  1. great job as always ;) ive been tired too but consistant training always pays off.. read this:


    "do her faster" ha