Friday, December 14, 2012

12/12(/12) - Possible end of the World WOD

With today being 12/12/12 counting was quite easy at the box… everything was in multiples of 12.  12 reps, 12 rounds, 12 minute cut-off.  12.  It felt a bit like Sesame Street – today is brought to you by the number 12, not sure what the letter of the day might have been but I’d guess it would have been ‘F’, at least in my world there was a lot of use of that one specifically.  I’ll get to that. 

12 rep push press 

I wasn’t feeling these at all and then when Coach Match gave me some feedback/ technique to work on (pushing through my heels on the way up, not coming onto my toes) it became a lot harder.  Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward or something to that effect.  Also had been feeling quite off this week, especially after all the PR setting last week.  My body is just tired but this was good.  Made me focus on form over heavy weight. 

Possible end of the world WOD 
12 rounds
12 mountain climbers pairs
12 cockroaches pairs
12 backward single unders 

I knew just by looking at this one it would be a huge lung burner but was I underestimated was the toll it would take on my quads (mountain climbers) and on my abs with both the upper and lower abs getting targeted in the mountain climbers and cockroaches.  Ouch.  The backwards skips were a well needed rest that went way too fast.  

Match was doing this workout with us and was right beside me so I could see his pace and it pushed me to keep going.  I was slightly ahead of him throughout but at some point got all confused with the number of rounds I had remaining (I wasn’t diligent with marking them off my scoreboard – oops) and I could kind of see his board but couldn’t tell if he had one or two rounds to go so when I finished what I thought was round 12 I checked the time on the clock then pushed on for another round just in case he had two to go (rather than being on his last round).  I finished what turned out to be an extra round right at the beep of the cut-off.

Shortly after the WOD my legs decided they were going to not work anymore.  Lifting my feet off the ground was a challenge which is awesome (sarcasm).  Today (two days later) my hip flexors are rebelling.  Nice one.

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