Friday, December 28, 2012

12/24 - Christmas Eve WOD

Christmas Eve was the start of a crazy and awesome few days so it's taken me a while to update this little blog...  started off the morning bright and early at the Friends and Family Lululemon sale (thanks Shonelle) and then had coffee with Shonelle and Bren, it was great to stop for a little and savour the (hot) holiday season that was in full swing.  Then it was off to Cooee where this awaited me...

5RM Thruster

I partnered up with Sarah for this and neither of us were too thrilled with the heat or to be working out that morning so we took it pretty easy.  We also partnered up for the WOD...

In pairs:
Thrusters (50/35kg)
Every minute on the minute run 100m (swap)
Jac - 97 (front squats)
Sarah - 79
Total = 176

I did front squats instead of thrusters as my shoulder has been achy again and I don't want to push it.  I did Rx the pull-ups though.  I started on the 'front squats' and got 15 reps out in the first minute so that definitely helped my score.  I was also pretty solid on the pull-ups which I loved.  We were on the bar right near the door which helped to get into the 100m run quickly.  It wasn't a bad WOD and I'm glad I got a workout in before all the ham I'd eat later in the day...

Spent Christmas with Cam's family which was awesome and there was so much yummy food, especially the 7kg ham that Cam cooked up...  AMAZING.  There were definitely some pigishly full bellies and meat sweats happening, so good.

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