Saturday, February 2, 2013

1/31 - Deadlifts

Woke up Thursday morning and realized just how tight my back was as soon as I sat up in bed.  Uh-oh.  Might have paid the price for skipping mobility after the WOD.  Lesson learned.
The workout for the day looked fun even though I dread deadlifts – I struggle with them though that being said, since I hurt my back my form has gotten much better.
 When we were working up to our working weight I did 50kg then 70kg and this felt tough, figured I'd stay there for the WOD but then I did the math and realised that 75kg was more in line with 75% of my 1RM (102.5) so I added two small 2.5kg silver plates and didn't lift the bar until we started the WOD. 

 On the minute every minute for 10 minutes, complete 3 deadlift @ 75% of your 1RM

The WOD was good, I tried to focus on good form on each lift, engaging my posterior chain instead of lifting with my quads.  I did all rounds as touch and go except for one near the end where I had to regrip because the knurling on the bar I was using was so rough and was killing my hands.  Was still good though.

200m KB Carry
2:07 (2x24kg KB)

This was tough mostly on my hands again (and forearms).  Need to toughen them up more.  Ha.  I put the KBs down twice which is what killed my time.  Better next time.

Forearm mashing with opposite  knee
Back rolling 

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