Friday, February 15, 2013

2/13 – “Randy”

Saw the WOD for today and was excited all day.  As I mentioned the other day – I’ve done ‘Randy’ twice but never at the same weight.  Well, looking at those times and realizing it was (another) scorching hot day I was hoping to come in somewhere between the two, aiming for 6 minutes.

It was a good set-up for the WOD – we partnered up and one person went while the other counted/ cheered then we switched.  Lucky for me I had Cam as my partner – he has a good way of pushing me and keeping me motivated.  I was excited and going first.  I sneakily managed to load up the 15kg bar with two 2.5kg plates (the full size plates that have been cut-out so I could still tap and go effectively) and then two small 1.25kg silver plates. 

WOD “Randy”
75 Power Snatches (22.5/35kg)
6:11 Rx

Was fairly happy with my time knowing how I felt when it was all over.  Initially my plan was to do a set of 10 then a quick rest but I felt good and went to 15.  I then solely did sets of 5 from there on out.  My grip started to go early on and I was happy to be on the 15kg bar.  I hook gripped.  For anyone who knows me I never usually use a hook grip mostly because we always had bars that were too big for my hands.  I know an extra 3mm in diameter isn’t a lot but it makes a difference to me.  I pretty much used a hook grip after the first set of 15. 

Cam was really good.  He kept telling me my numbers in sets of 5 and told me I had a good pace going when I finished the first 30 at 2 minutes (on pace at that point for a 5 minute time but couldn’t sustain it).  With about 20 reps left I tore my hands – pretty much both of them went around there – my entire pinky finger on my right hand, including the spot where my finger bends into my hand and that same spot on my left hand.  Ouch.  I managed to finish strong though and was happy to be done.  It was so hot and sweaty.

Not my best time but given the temps and how I’ve been feeling lately (sluggish) I’ll take it.

It was also nice to be on the other end supporting Cam as he pushed through.  Lots of guts and determination to get it done before the cut-off.  

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