Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/18 - Running

Cam forgot his workout gear at work and was skipping out on the crossfit WOD with the intention of hitting up the yoga class later on.  I knew I wasn’t up for yoga (too late for my tired little body) but wanted to do something after two days rest.  The first option was SUP but then running entered the equation (as the programmed WOD was running). 

I got home tired and not really feeling it and while Cam told me to just take it easy and rest I changed into my gear anyway and laced up my shoes.  Wearing my hot pink compression socks made me feel pretty runner-like too (wish I had a photo!).

It was really fun to run with Cam and we held a fairly steady not too fast/ not too slow pace around Freo.  Turned out to be about 5km when we stopped 30 minutes later.  Pretty good.

We had a little walk to get back to the house which was a nice cool down and then my brilliant mind realized that if I grabbed my computer to continue watching ‘Game of Thrones’ (catching up on the first two seasons before season 3 starts next month) while I was lying on the floor of the living room mobilizing that I’d be more likely to mobilize more rather than getting bored/ distracted.  And it worked.  There were some many moments of agonized moaning while rolling out my quads but it happened, quite thoroughly even.  I also did a bit of rolling on my calves as well with the lacrosse ball. 

My legs are feeling pretty tired today but not too sore/ stiff. 

Also, my 15kg bar from Again Faster is set to arrive today… fingers crossed!

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