Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/10 & 2/11 - SUP and Crossfit

Sunday SUP

Caught up with Stimo for a paddle on Sunday afternoon before the big demo day.  We spent a leisurely hour and a bit paddling from Matilda Bay around the river, stopping a few times to get wet/ change boards.  It was a lot of fun and I’m glad Cam was able to get a bit more coaching from a different perspective (I’m sure he’s sick of listening to just me). 

Got some good rides too on some wash and loved playing on ‘Gonzo’.  Stimo quite loved her too but she’s all mine.  Ha.

Monday Crossfit

Back at the box last night after an extended break last week… was really feeling out of sorts last week which resulted in only two days of training…  As Cam  noted, the rest was probably better for me and it’s true I’m feeling more on my game this week and ready for it.

200m run
Bear complex
Car park run

3 x 5 clean pulls (50-50-55)

These were good.  I liked having Coach Tara timing us to ensure we had sufficient rest between sets.  They also felt good and I started thinking what weight I was going to choose for the WOD. 

Power cleans (50/70kg)
Box jumps (24/30”)
6:56 (40kg/Rx)

Really enjoyed this one at least once it was over.  I love the high box jumps and can rebound on them which definitely helps speed things up.  The power cleans are also a fave of mine and while I considered going with 45kg (Grace Rx weight) which I know I can do I backed off a bit mostly because it was super hot – like ‘40 degree day inside a sweaty box’ hot.  I knew I’d feel the heat more than I thought which was the reason to back off. 

I did the set of 9 cleans unbroken feeling pretty good and same for the box jumps although I almost stacked it on the 3 rep when only one of my feet made it onto the box but bounced back after that (literally… haha!).  I still need to feel comfortable jumping onto the ‘triangle’ based boxes rather than the solid plywood ones I was used to.  No biggie in terms of difference but a little bit of a mental barrier.

The round of 15 cleans was by far the hardest.  I figured the set of 21 would be but that wasn’t the case.  21-15-9 is a hard enough rep scheme but to reverse it is even worse.  In my mind I am sure I was afraid of the set of 21 which inevitably made the 15’s harder.  I had planned to do 3 sets of 5 but got 3 reps in and dropped the bar so I did 5 sets of 3 with as little rest as I could manage.  The box jumps were just a mental battle, getting more than half done (8), quick breath and keep moving.  It helps that I like box jumps.

As I mentioned, the round of 21 was actually easier than the round of 15 on the cleans.  In my head I knew 7 sets of 3 would be long and drawn out and painful.  When I managed 6 in the first bunch I was hoping for a 6-5-5-5.  It was almost the case though on the last 5 I put the bar down after 3 (was starting to feel my forearms going) and quickly picked it up knowing I only had 2 left and got it done.

The final round of box jumps felt good.  I figured at this point that I’d be feeling the fatigue in my legs but they seemed fairly fresh and I just ripped out big chunks of reps knowing I was almost at the end.  I was quite happy with my time.  I probably could have gone a bit heavier but didn’t want to kill myself and was definitely hurting when it was over.

Glute stretch
Forearm mashing
Calf roll out with ball

Had a few indulgences over the weekend which I’m not too upset about.  Once again there is something about cold beer and SUPing that is just a requirement.  Also, a cold beer after a really hot day.  We’ve been having several lately so I had a beer on Saturday night with my Mexican fajitas (included a bit of sour cream and a few bites of rice as well) and another beer and a half on Sunday afternoon at the SUP demo day.  Totally worth it and the cravings/ detoxing seem to be waning which is nice.  Also, the abs… starting to show again.  Love it.

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