Monday, July 15, 2013

7/12 – More PR’s

We last did this specific WOD in April though we have also done our 1RM deadlift again since then on June 3. Both of those days were new PR’s for me (105kg then 110kg thanks to Calen!!)  I remember the last time after doing 110kg on video that Calen mentioned to me that I’d probably have 120kg in me since 110kg didn’t look *that* hard.  I was excited to try.

1RM deadlift
1@115kg (PR)


5 minute AMRAP

Was super happy with both of these.  Somehow managed to screw up my math and did 101 instead of 111 which is why it was an odd number (no sense going for 110kg when it was my previous PR).  I worked up to the singles pretty quickly and though I had a ton of time I also wasted a bunch somehow and didn’t have much at the end for the last two reps – still though about 3 minutes between lifts which was fine.  I barely budged the 117.5kg.  I knew I was done at that point but super happy getting 115kg up, it was definitely hard but I got it.  Good fun.

The repeat of the t2b was interesting – I had no idea what to expect given my inability to link them very well and because I never know how my shoulders are going to go.  I started strong with a set of 10(!) which was crazy for me especially as I did some strict versions too – basically from a dead hang position and my feet just behind me I’d kick my legs up to the bar without having to swing – never had done this before and it felt easy, I probably did about 5 or so reps like this.  I tried to keep the sets big(ish), held on to 5 and 6 reps for as long as I could before dropping down to 2-3 reps near the end.  I smashed my old score of 34 reps and was so happy with this.  It felt good which I think is the better part of it all too.  Being down 2kg is having huge effects on my abilities especially in the body weight stuff.  I’m where I need to be, prime operating weight and I hope to stay here now.  

Caught up with Steph and Bruce for dinner and drinks afterward in Freo and Steph gave me *the best* compliment - she told me that her and Bruce were mobilizing one day upstairs and could overhear me down below just being me and they both could tell just how happy I was, truly happy.  That was amazing to hear - I mean I feel it (most days) but to have it acknowledged was uplifting.  Tell someone something you appreciate about them today - it'll make both your days better!

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