Monday, July 22, 2013

7/20 - Saturday Sports Class

Friday night was another long one with Tarrsha and I being mostly motivated by thoughts of Nando’s chicken to get the work done.  We didn’t leave Southern til almost 7pm, grabbed some food and then it felt like bed time.  We wondered what the rest of the world’s Friday night looks like – we weren’t alone though – the box was pretty busy with everyone trying to get the extra stuff done – the energy was awesome.

We were back at it the next morning though we thankfully had a bit of a sleep in with no mandated SXF WOD.  Sports class only starting at 10am.  Sweet.

Partner Warm-up (practice for team stuff)
200m buddy carry (each)
10 bootstraps
10 scorpions
10 lying leg cross
10 inchworms

100m farmer carry with 2x16kg KB (each)
Handstand hold while partner does 10 pull-ups
5 x synchronized barbell complex (deadlift, power clean, front squat, press, ohs = 1 rep)

2 power cleans @ 70-75% 1RM


2 x 6 minute AMRAP
15 ring dips
15 front squats (42.5/60kg)
30 unbroken double unders
2+18 then 2+10 (Rx squats and du’s, orange band on ring dips)

Partnered up with Steph2 on the warmup which was fun.  Realised after at breakkie that we weigh the same amount too which made the buddy carry that much easier.  It wasn’t too bad though I could feel the tiredness in my glutes and hammies from all the squatting during the week.  We had the option of breaking them up if we wanted but we didn’t bother, just went the entire distance without stopping.  I could tell this was a Coach Scotty warm-up because he throws fun (and different) stuff into them (like the sled push and overhead plate carries the week before).  The entire group was having a good time with it, laughing and being silly with some ass slapping (giddy up horsey) and hip checks happening.  Laughter to wake us up.  Moved through the rest of the warm up pretty easily though the mirroring on the BB complex was funny too, just another little challenge to be in sync with someone else/ work on timing.

For the EMOM WOD I partnered with Ali, that was good.  Going into it I was planning 45kg (71% of my 1RM power clean of 63kg) so that extra 0.5kg wasn’t a big deal.  They felt solid throughout, which became funny after in the second WOD when power cleaning 42.5kg felt heavy.  Um.  Ya.  Coach Scotty told us to focus on technique and to put the bar down and reset for each rep rather than going touch and go which I so wanted to do out of instinct.  It was good though.

The second WOD was another challenge – having a break in the middle then having to fight through it all over again is another aspect that takes more mental power than physical.  You know it’s going to hurt, you know how you performed in the previous go and though you’re more tired you’re pushing for that same score.  I (thankfully) used the orange bands for the ring dips which ware by far a huge weakness for me – even then by the end it was quite tough.  Throughout Ali was busting out the 15 reps without any bands faster than I was doing them assisted.  Definitely need to work on those.

The front squats were a huge struggle.  As I mentioned above cleaning the 42.5kg bar was tough which meant not wanting to put it down but with 15 reps I had no choice.  I think I tried to do 8 or 9 and then 7 or 6 for each round, breaking it up only once.  I’m not sure if it is because of a lack of front squatting lately or the tiredness of a week doing the Smolov intro but my legs weren’t too happy. 

The DU’s though felt good and I managed them all unbroken on the first go even though at times the last couple of reps were a bit of a struggle.  Being solid at these really did help me on this WOD as I could breeze through them and get moving onto the next round even though I’d have to break up the dips and squats.  An asset to have for sure. 

Yesterday (Sunday) was a rest day and was greatly needed.  The weekend overall helped my spirit as well, breakfast (lunch) with the girls after Sports Class was fun as was catching up with Kelly and Pat for coffee in Freo then relaxing over an early dinner with Sharon.  Then yesterday I went to my normal coffee house and instead of writing I had the most beautiful conversation with a lady that has just moved over to Perth at the age of 66 for no reason other than it felt like the place she needed to be.  The world is fun of inspiring people and I’m taking all the time I can lately to connect with them which is buoying me up and I truly feel happiness radiating from within me.  I like it.  Take time for these things, they matter just as much as the hard training.

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