Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/15 – Snatches!

Tonight was the second week of testing – we did this WOD back on April 15th.

Ali and I were texting throughout the day with big plans on *finally* getting a 50kg snatch – big dreaming sure (my PR is only 45.5kg) but still worth having lofty goals.  Spoiler Alert (it unfortunately didn’t go as planned).

1RM Snatch

I was a head case last night – that’s about all I can say about this one.  I just couldn’t get my head in the game at all.  I struggled (a little) with 40kg, just not trusting myself and then couldn’t get 42.5kg at all.  I tried about 6 times or so but only twice could I even bring myself to attempt to drop under it – the rest were just really high snatch pulls – really high.  A couple were almost at eye height, more than enough to be able to get the lift but my head was in the way.  Coach Scotty knew it too, it was completely mental.  Ugh.  I swore – once, walked away into the other room – twice, and snuck in one last cheeky try after time was up and still couldn’t get it.  Disappointing but also more motivation to work on the technique at the lower weights and do a few more tries at going heavy when I can (I haven’t been doing much Oly lifting lately).  I know I can get there I just need to get my head out of the way.

Sports Extra WOD (or as Haydo likes to call it – the SEX WOD) programming also started last night.  It was good – lots of keen people getting the work done after the regular WOD, the motivation and drive is high and inspiring – will be interesting to see how this goes over time.  5 extra sessions a week might start to wear, who knows – I’ll have to be pretty diligent with my mobility and recovery overall but I’m excited.  Looking forward to seeing the progress it brings.  And to Coach Claire – I LOVE SQUATS (I said it… just like I also love burpees).  Bring it!

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