Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/22 – Bear Complex

Bear Complex
5 x 5reps
New complex set begins every 4mins

Wasn’t sure how this was gonna go having never done it before and having Coach Scotty emphasise repeatedly that it sneaks up on you.  Basically you go through the complex 5 times without putting the bar down (it must be unbroken) and then you get to rest for the remaining time in that 4 minute period.  The complex consists of a deadlift, hang power clean, front squat, shoulder to over head (I was push jerking), back squat, shoulder to overhead – that would be one rep.  We did this 5 times per round for a total of 5 rounds (25 reps in all). 

I started at 35kg thinking it might be heavy and though it wasn’t too bad I did start to feel it in my shoulders in the last few reps even though I was quite focused on my shoulder to overhead technique.  I quite liked this workout for that reason overall – you had time and the requirement to focus on good technique throughout, you could rest in the rack or back squat or anywhere else really with the bar off the ground and since it wasn’t a race against the clock it went well.  I bumped up to 37.5kg for the last round and though I managed to get through it there was no way I would have been able to hold that for more than just the one round. 

I have some nice bruises this morning on both my chest (and from c2b pull-ups – more below) and the back of my neck from receiving the bar a little too heavily when bringing it down.  Oops.  Had about two minutes rest each round which was good overall.

New Skill
Another reason as I’ve noted above for the bruising on my chest is that I finally figured out c2b pull-ups last night.  I have done c2b before but never fluently, often I’d require a second kip in the middle to get high enough.  Last night Coach Tara was helping me, giving me some tips as I was getting ‘oh-so-very-close-but-not-quite’ and then I jumped up to try again and flew to the bar, I felt like I got super high and managed to link two together right away.  Tara saw this too and it was really awesome, out of nowhere.  Stoked.  I managed to get three in a row too throughout the extra work we were doing.  So happy, and… FINALLY!

Interesting Article
Also, found this article this morning... definitely interesting to think that overtraining could actually be cutting into our sex drives rather than enhancing it as you would normally think...

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