Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7/16 – Clean and Jerk Redo!

Another repeat from back in April.  Wasn’t sure what to expect (actually had no real expectations) but kind of did want (still do!) 65kg. 

Find 1RM Clean and Jerk


15, 10, 5​
Strict Pull Up​ Ring Row
Sit Up​
Kettlebell Swing 25/16kg​
3:04 Rx KB

Was fun to work with Ali again and we pretty much smashed through the CJ’s with only 20 minutes.  I think our first warm-up set was at 40kg.  The we did 50 for a few reps, 55-57.5-60-63(f)-64(f).

Didn’t manage to increase my CJ 1RM but had  a few attempts one at 63kg and one at 64kg.  Managed to squat clean them both up (new 1RM squat clean at 64kg!) but couldn’t lock out the jerk – though did get them both sufficiently over my head.  On the last one (64kg) Ali told me that she could see the doubt on my face and Coach Hayden noted that I lost it on the dip – my shoulder just crumpled so I didn’t have much drive upward (not surprising).  Still really happy with this – my squat clean has always been pretty weak (and I couldn’t do 65kg in sports class not that long ago) so this was a good feeling overall. 

In the WOD I repeated what I had done last time to compare even though the ring rows were quite easy for me.  I did them all unbroken – actually I did the entire WOD unbroken not even stopping to chalk up.  I started strong and was the first to the sit-ups and KB swings and when most people are either still at the bars or on their backs on the floor I felt pretty badass swinging the KB (understandably those doing strict PU’s were not as fast).  Anyway, that feeling stuck with me and I really just wanted to smash the WOD.  I finished first (probably for the first time ever at SXF) and knew that I had really pushed myself but also could see the progress I have been making overall to just keep going.  I liked it.  It felt solid.

Sports Extra WOD

This was good.  Managed to get another PR – in the class on Saturday when we tested our max attempt at strict HSPU’s I only managed to get 6.  What I didn’t consider at the time was that we had a very shoulder heavy (literally) warm-up which involved two 200m overhead plate carries (walking speed only) with a 400m team relay prowler push in between.  Needless to say by after the warm-up and max strict pull-up attempt my shoulders were pretty done and then we did the HSPU’s.  I didn’t think I could get all the reps out but I managed to do an unbroken set of 12 strict HSPU’s to 1 abmat.  Win!  Can’t tell you the rest though… secrets.  Haha.

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