Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7/30 – Snatches and Squats

5 x ( 1+1+5 )
Power Snatch + Snatch + Back Squat

Today’s WOD was a fun one but for some reason my snatch is actually regressing rather than progressing even though it’s one of my favorite crossfit movements.  But the thing is, it isn’t the weight that’s getting to me it’s my head.  My mental game is going backward.  I am becoming afraid of throwing (and catching) the barbell over my head even when I have already proved to myself that I could.

I solidly did the first round of the complex at 35kg.  Great.  I increased only slightly and managed to successfully do the complex again at 37.5kg but it was a little shaky.  No worries.  I’ll do it again, better.  But there was a fear even as I addressed the bar.  A distraction.  I stepped away.  Big breath, talking myself up, reminding myself that I’d just done it.  What happens on the power snatch – fail.  Ok, perhaps I’m just more comfortable now dropping into the squat – it’s what I’m more used to now, my instinct rather than power snatching (which was my fall back – and heavier than my squat snatch – for such a long time).  Try the full squat snatch at 37.5kg – again, failed even though the bar high enough, over my head but I just feared dropping under it fully – commiting to it and locking out my arms (I tried to fight it to the point of almost dropping it on my head before letting go).

I’m not sure if it is a lack of trust in my shoulders being able to catch the weight but I know something has got to change.  I love snatching and I hate that I’m fearing it, that my mind is getting on my case.  I managed to get the bar up on the third try (it was ugly and more about just getting the squats done rather than any technique) and finished the squats then dropped the weight back to 35kg which I did (again) with no problem.  WTF.  On the last set I again went to 37.5kg and failed the first rep, dropped back the weight and finished the complex feeling slightly defeated.  Gah, another thing to add to the weakness list. 

Sports extra was pretty easy tonight in the sense that it was over quickly.  Quite liking that this week. Moving on to a strength focus though so I’m sure that’s going to change.  Spent more time on mobility though which was good and necessary.  My legs (quads specifically) felt heavy, not sore just fatigued.

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