Monday, July 29, 2013

7/24 - Pull-ups and planks

Weighted Pull-ups
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set
Rest as needed between sets
Body weight for all


4 x 1 minute plank holds
All unbroken

Partnered up with Lewis for this one – really only helped him to get the weight between his feet when needed.  I did all my sets at body weight and felt strong in the first two pull-ups but somehow struggled (mostly) on the third.   A few times I switched to a mixed grip before the last rep but even that didn’t make much difference.  I’d get almost to the top and then have to fight for the last little bit.  Finished all the sets though which made me quite happy given that my current max set of strict pull-ups is 4. 

The planks were hard (as usual) but fun in that we were chatting and talking about who would be the winners at the Crossfit Games this weekend.  Helped to pass the time (a little) more quickly.  Going into it Coach Scotty said that anyone doing the ‘extra’ work had to do the 4 sets but everyone else could stop after 3.  I was more than impressed that the entire class stayed for all 4 rounds – was afraid initially that I’d be doing the last one on my own while everyone packed up – thankfully not the case.

Finished up with the extra work.

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