Monday, July 15, 2013

7/13 - Saturday Sports Class (and more PR's)

So sports class is evolving and becoming more of daily extra – a top secret daily extra – or perhaps just specific to those of us who train and pay for the coaching at SXF so my sports class posts will be vague if at all.  I’m not sure how I’ll handle that here on this blog – not sure how many people actually read this any way.  I’ll still track the work for my own records but won’t be publishing the extra stuff.

Saturday was more of a testing day for sports class, a few single movement WODs but it was still fun.

WOD #1
1 attempt to find max rep strict pull-ups

WOD #2
1 attempt to find max rep strict HSPU’s
6(PR) – to 1 abmat

WOD #3
Tabata Row (for total calories)

WOD #4
3 backsquats (increasing weight)

Didn’t realize that the first three were new PR’s until I typed this out though that being said I don’t do them often (and back at optimum operating weight) so it’s not surprising.  Last time I tried I think 3 was my max strict pull-ups and no idea on my strict HSPU’s but it was less than 5 (I mostly kip anyway).  I did the HSPU’s to 1 abmat, thought I’d only get 1 or 2 out but managed to find a bit of a rhythm and busted out a quick 6.  Need to work now on that extra few inches to get the full range of motion overall.

The row was tough – played around a bit with the damper.  I usually have it set at about a 5 but bumped it up to 7 – not sure really what difference this made though I did manage to hold about 7 calories every 20 seconds throughout whereas last time I did this I think it was only 5 or 6.  My power(?) output was around the 1200-1300 mark so I want to do a bit of a test to see where I can hold it with the damper lower just to compare.  Wasn’t up for doing this on Saturday though, was too tired already and my butt was cramping up.

The EMOM back squats were dare I even say it… fun.  I think it was because I was partnered up with Steph and we had to change the weights every minute (between us) and then increase as well so it was go-go-go.  There wasn’t any time to figure out what the weight we were lifting actually was after we’d made out plan but we managed it quite well.  Coach Tara mentioned after that we might have been the only pair that actually kept on the timeline even though we had to switch so much – funny that.  Concentrated effort more than anything and having all the correct weights handy.  It felt pretty good throughout, focused on good form and being tight before dropping down.  I think also that the same increase across – only 2.5kg per set – really helped too.  We have a lot more squats in our future with the extra training coming up so I better start to love them (like burpees).  Fake it til you make it or something… heh.

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