Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/8 – HSPU’s and Backsquats and Oly

I can’t believe three months have passed since we last did these testing WODs.  It feels like it’s more recent than that.  Time flies.  So we had a chance last night to go through them again and see (any) improvement (or not).

5 Minute AMRAP
Handstand Push Up (to 1 abmat)
44 (previous was 34 reps)


Find your 1RM Back Squat (in 20 minutes)
20kg x 10 reps
50kg x 5 reps
60kg x 3 reps
70kg x 2 reps
then singles at:
75-77.5-81(f) (previous and current 1RM PR is 80kg)

Was really happy with the new PR on the HSPU’s though it felt way harder than last time.  I started out with a set of 9 (came off the wall just before the 10th which was what I was aiming for) but still happy with that set as I think my previous max was 5 reps.  I didn’t have any set plan for this go – I think last time I was aiming for 5 reps every thirty seconds but this time I just came down, shook it out and went back up.  I tried to really focus on getting a good kip, back on the wall, knees to chest and kicking into the wall.  Coach Claire told me to get my hips into it more than I was, getting that explosiveness similar to a clean.  It helped especially as I started to tire.

No new PR on my backsquat.  There was plenty of time to give 81kg another go but I really wasn’t feeling it.  I remember last time how badly I wanted the 80kg’s but last night I just didn’t have much motivation at all.  I got the 81kg back up but Tara had to help me as I just collapsed forward with the bar, it felt sloppy and I kind of gave up.  Not my finest moment but with the ‘chill’ in the air it was where I was at.

Afterward went over to the barbell room planning to work on some weaknesses with Steph but since it wasn’t open gym time our ring dips and pistols got shunned (managed one set of each though first) by Coach Scotty and we had to do the Oly session instead so…

Barbell Club
Clean and Jerk
5 x (2+1) – two cleans one jerk
Warm-up 25-35-40
Working 45-45-45-45-45

Clean Pulls
Working 55-55-55

Last time I did this work was back on May 13th (again how time flies – what happened to June?).  I did working sets then at 50kg though being at 45kg was better today since I’d already done the backsquats – the second rep of each squat clean was a bit taxing and my shoulders definitely felt the HSPU’s on the jerks.  Managed to get through them and love working with Steph since we’re fairly similar and got a lot of feedback from Coach Scotty.  Needing to be more aggressive and faster on the dip and drive on the jerk and then speeding up sooner on the clean pulls (and if rolling slightly onto your toes is a byproduct of this then that’s okay).  

Was a good session and obviously we skipped the backsquat work.

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