Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/17 – Rowing WOD

Row (3:1 rest)

I won’t lie and say that this was fun by any means but it was good.  By good I mean, good practice for rowing, for trying to recover quickly and for holding in vomit (or something like that).  It was rough but I survived and am way better for it.  Thankfully the distance is decreasing, going in the other direction I think would make this a killer WOD.  Also, though the distance is getting shorter so is the rest time, even with double the rest to work there were times it seemed like you were right back on the rower again after a quick walk.  I was happy overall with my times.  I maintained a maximum of a 1.53/500m (22.6 seconds/ 100m) split overall the distances and was a little faster in the last two sprints.  This felt good as I managed to keep a stroke rate of about 30 or less as well so moving efficiently still.  I was below this rate in the first part of the 600m as well which felt solid.

The hardest parts were the last parts of the 500 and 400.  Basically I had a good, strong, easy feeling 250m in me then it was about hanging on til the finish.  The last 100m of the 500m piece I actually closed my eyes and there may have been a grunt of some sort as I pushed through just wanting it to be over.  My glutes and hamstrings were really firing as well, cramping up a bit and though I was trying to stretch them out in between they really weren’t happy.

Glad to have gotten through this though – a solid push and I’m kind of liking rowing these days – at least the shorter intervals.  Getting better.

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