Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/26 - back at it...

Took all of Monday as a rest day and was back at the box tonight for an 'easy' WOD...  spent the past two days in my compression tights so wasn't feeling too bad other than a lower back which is in agony so when I saw the WOD I was a little scared... 

5 rounds
5 front squats (45/60kg)
10 squats to the barbell
15 hand release push-ups sit-ups
5:50 (28kg)

The strength portion of the WOD was front squats so I was happy to miss it.  This WOD was actually a good thing for my back - it stretched me out a bit while not being too heavy (I went really light on the weight) and I realized Kayla had a really good idea in doing the sit-ups over the push-ups given how we'd each spent 10 minutes attempting ring dips and were quite sore across our chest and shoulders.  Her and I were working beside each other and it was funny how we were pretty much in sync in our movements throughout (though she was lifting heavier than me).  We finished together and it was nice - not much pressure on the WOD other than doing it.

I'm still really tired so while I'll still do the WODs this week I'll be doing them lighter and not pushing too hard on all of them just to give my body a bit of a break.  I'm also starting to feel a bit of a head cold coming on which I want to avoid if possible so I'm into the vitamin C and taking care of myself really well.

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